Anarchy In Justice

I don’t quite know whether this is a statement or just a rant of how I feel in our nation’s current economic and sociological environment. Every day I keep seeing in the news year after year about 3 big issues which happen to be abortion, gay marriage and illegal immigration. The question I pose to all Americans is how do any of these issues affect your current life?, and the answer is they don’t. People who don’t believe in abortion don’t get them and people who don’t believe in same sex marriage don’t marry someone of the same sex and many of the people who are against illegal immigration don’t even know anyone here illegally. How can this honestly be the topics that decide whether someone becomes president of the most powerful nation in the world when truthfully these issues are of such little importance we end up electing someone supporting liberal agenda’s one year when the media poses them in a better moral light and some years we fall for right-wing agenda when its more patriotic to do so. Now there’s a word for you patriotic, what does it truly mean to you. Does it mean when a building gets an airplane flown into it you put a flag in your yard and also put one in the window of your SUV? I say no true patriotism is treating the citizens and neighbors of this country with respect,  lending a helping hand when you can, and also standing up for what is right no matter the consequence. I’m not liberal or conservative because I form my opinions on the issues when I learn all the facts, why would anyone answer a question without knowing the facts? And for all of these people who are against abortion and gay marriage based on religion because it is a sin, if, and most of you believe in Christianity it says Jesus died on the cross to forgive us of all of our sins as long as we accept him, but it also does say word for word though shalt not judge, lest ye be judged, and he without sin cast the first stone. Your own bible is telling you that the people committing these sins can still attain an afterlife in heaven but that by judging them which is not your job, that you will be judged, it is not a sin to judge others so you cannot be forgiven, god in his divinity has stated anyone doing his job pretty much will be himself punished. Now I was catholic for many years, so yes I have read the bible, I am now agnostic, which does not mean I think there might be a god, but I do in fact believe in a higher power just not organized religion. Now you may ask why is this relevant?, because the people controlling the media and telling everyone how to live their lives are hypocrites breaking their own rules and divine laws at their own whims, and when the core of their beliefs is this easy to compromise why do they still in fact get to make laws concerning others. I am not gay and I do not believe abortion is right but you know what, that’s what makes this country great, that I can believe different than someone else and not be told by the government that I do not have the freedom to live my life in the pursuit of happiness. You may also wonder why I said the most powerful nation in the world but not the greatest, because it is true that we aren’t the best in everything anymore. And why is that, it’s not because our government is corrupted, even though it is, it’s not because of illegal immigrants coming here, it’s not for any of these reasons. We spend so much money on defense and everything that doesn’t matter that we forget get a few basics. Like education, did you know we are not the most literate country in the world? We are 15th in the world. I was shocked to find this is out, why is this ok, why aren’t we in outrage that even some Americans can’t read. How the hell did this happen. Healthcare is another problem, we don’t need Obama care but health care does need to be reformed, insurance costs too much and doctors charge to much and every freaking thing today is now a disease and we have a pill or prescription for everything, here’s a news flash not everything needs to be treated with a dose of Ritalin or a pill container with 20 pills a day to solve your issues sometimes there are simple solutions to the problems. Not everyone is the same granted, so how you get to the end in these everyday problems you choose. If you want to lose weight you don’t have a thyroid problem, you need to eat less and exercise more. I know I need to lose weight and I just don’t want to run and stop eating cheese burgers but I don’t think it’s a god damn medical condition that I’m over weight, I eat too much and don’t exercise, it’s my fault and I need to take responsibility for my choices. If you drink too much guess what figure out how to stop drinking, it’s that simple, you can’t be fat if you run and eat right and you can’t be a drunken peace of shit if you put down the bottle. Now onto another issue people say “I can’t find work”, I say bullshit you’re not looking. I know a lot of people without jobs and the reason they don’t have jobs is they don’t really look. I lost my job and found one within a month, I’m changing jobs again and doubling my yearly income again you know why?, I really look for a job, if you lose your job you should be looking for a job between 5-8 hours a day I lost my job in 2009 and I had to find another, I am the sole provider for my family and I refuse to be on welfare, I applied to 167 jobs in one month and made checkup calls and dropped by in person to follow up till I eventually got several job offers at once. This is dedication and hard work and I personally am no better than you, I just didn’t give up, I didn’t have an excuse why I couldn’t, that’s what it really means to be a man (in my case since im male), and on the same note, why is not embarrassing to be on welfare or food stamps anymore? When did this become socially acceptable, this is basically everyone telling you that you can’t provide for your family, isn’t that a basic job every parent has is to provide for your own family? Don’t get me wrong these programs are here for a reason, and that reason is to help you out when you’re down but you have to get back up, welfare is not a way of life, it’s meant to be a helping hand. Another issue is where we all get our news, I want you to all know on the liberal side,  John Stewart of the Daily Show and other liberal media like him are entertainment and not really the news, yes it’s about the news but its opinion and not facts, and on conservative side it’s the same freaking thing Rush Limbaugh is an entertainer and a good one but it is just entertainment it’s his opinion and nothing else why don’t you listen to the news stories themselves and use that brain of yours to form an actual opinion for once in your lives. The root of all this I’m getting to is, that what’s really wrong with America is us not the government, not illegals, us. We the people need to stand up and take account for ourselves, help a neighbor, make your own lives better, and in turn make this country the greatest country in the world again.As J.F.K. once said “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.” Remember also to look through a fathers (or mothers) eyes as well, if you had to take your family out of a hostile country and couldn’t afford to do it would you break the law, and come illegally? If your son or daughter was gay and wanted to marry the person he or she loves would you tell him or her they couldn’t be happy and fulfilled?  Also if you believe laws are only weighted  by the majority over the minority with no regard for constitutional or moral integrity, I pose you a question, if the majority of Americans voted that black people should be slaves again, should we allow that, or instead of putting your beliefs above another, should we stand up for what’s right. I believe that saying gay marriage, or any other issue should be legal it isn’t about whether you believe  it is moral or just but that if you believe another American doesn’t deserve the same right as you to be happy, remember you are not supporting their beliefs you are supporting their right to believe differently. This America is why there is Anarchy in Justice and why we have to stand up for what is right again and instead of telling everyone we are the greatest nation in the world and actually showing them.

About joshhornick

I'm just a blue collar working man with a family i love trying to get across some of my opinions on America and how we can be great again.
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